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How to use the Tezos Istanbul bakery service?

To bake yourself, a Tezos holder needs minimum of 8000 XTZ. If one has less, they must use a delegate service to get their part of the earnings. Using a delegate service doesn't mean that you have to send any XTZ anywhere. All your XTZ will remain in your wallet and you are free to move them as you want.

The delegate service will carry all the risk - no need to store your private keys on an online computer and you are also protected from double bakings. For this risk we take a little fee.


Set your delegate

Use your favourite wallet to set your delegate to us:
Remember, that you don't have to actually send any XTZ to us. All the XTZ in your wallet will be in your control and you can transfer them out at any time you want.


Sit back and relax

It will take 12 cycles for the Tezos network to start paying to us. One cycle is approximately 2.8 days, so you will have to wait for around 34 days to see your first automatic payment.


Check your contribution

You can enter your Tezos address on this website to see your past, current and future payments.