Frequently asked questions

1. What happens if I just hold my XTZ and don't delegate to anyone?

Then the Tezos network inflation will eat up the value of your XTZ. The inflation is around 5.5% in the first year. Don't let that happen!

2. Do I have to send my XTZ or private keys to you?

Absolutely not! You are only setting the delegate for the account - this means transferring the baking and voting rights temporarily to us.

3. Can I change my delegate at any time?

Yes, you can.

4. Am I free to move my XTZ out even if I am delegating.

Yes, you can. The XTZ you have delegated are not locked in any way (only the security deposit to the network from us is locked for a while).

5. I have delegated but I can only see 0 XTZ payment values on the rewards page and it's been many days

It will take around 5 cycles (14 days) for you to see something meaningful in there. Please be patient, it will just take a while.

6. What is the minimum amount I can delegate to you?

You may delegate any amount you want, however you won't get paid in a cycle if the payment is smaller or equal to the transaction fee. The current transaction fee is 0.001792 XTZ.

7. I have changed from a different delegate service to you. What will happen now?

Your old service should be paying you for the next 12 cycles, and we will start paying you when it is our turn. You will not lose any profits by changing your delegate.